Thursday, December 27, 2007

Garth Dennis - Slow Coach

Amazing and I'm not sure how many people have heard this track.
I've been listening to it over and over tonight feeling it is very right in our times.

"The world is in a crisis, seek HIM humanity... Look into the Middle East there ain't no sign of Peace"


Please check the dub too - it is very nice.


  1. yeah - totally dread.

    thanks for sharing!

  2. yes, check the lyrics - still meaningful in this time!

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  4. One of my all time favorite songs. Thanks for posting this. I have the single on the same label but it's nice to have it on my hard drive now. Garth Dennis was one of the original memebers of Black Uhuru and has also been a member of the the Wailing Souls. The Wailing Souls actually have a version of this same song on their "Wild Suspense" album. It's more uptempo on the album with Pipes Mathews singing lead but in all honesty I think this single version is much better. To my knowlege this is the only solo release by Garth Dennis. Surprising when you consider the groups he's been with. Thanks again.

  5. Welcome Cole!
    Like ... Stranger Cole? Nice.
    Glad you enjoyed this 45.
    Me too - one of my all time favorites and never seen it again since the day I purchased it which was many years ago. Many of my records from those days are gone now but I'm glad this one remained and I could share with all of you.

    Thanks for the comments as well. I did not know that Wailing Souls recorded a version of this track.

  6. Hi Sirapo. I hunted for years to find my copy of this record. I had originally taped the song off the radio in the early 1980's and really like it. I finally found the single on an auction list around 1990. I paid an arm and a leg for it but I never regretted it. It is the same pressing as you have on the "Andy's" label. Then, as things would have it, about a year I saw another copy on a set price list for a reasonable amount so I bought it also. Never hurts to have a spare copy of a favorite song. The second copy is the same track but it is pressed on the "SYDNA" label. I didn't realize it at the time but a friend just pointed out to me that "SYDNA" is "ANDYS" spelled backwards! Both labels come out of "Andy's" records which I believe is/was in New York. Kind of funny. :-)

    Cheers. I really like your blog. Thanks for the tunes.


  7. Greetings Cole!

    Yes. Maybe this is one of my favorite 45s. Also cool story about "SYDNA" - never seen this.


  8. Greetings
    What a joy to read these postivie vibes. Yes it is still has much meaning in today times. I wrote this many years ago and perfromed this song this year live for the first time in 30 years and my son's did some singing with me on this track.Check for my music at
    Lovely, JAH blessing.
    Once again More Love RASTAFARI GARTH DENNIS

  9. RASTAFARI! Garth Dennis!

    What an Honour to find your Post.
    Thank you for the many years of giving I & I the blessings of your positive music.

    Jah Bless Always.

    Please EVERYONE visit
    and support our positive artists.

  10. Great song! I notice it was released on the Andy's label too - Roydale Andersons label. He has written a great book on reggae (My Reggae Journey) where there actually is two pages dedicated entirely to telling the story of this singles recording session.

    Great book! Do a search for it. It's cheap too.

  11. Hello, Slow Coach by Garth Dennis was a very good song, well written, lyrics of this song is still relevant today and will always be, strong lyrics never die. I am Andy the producer of the song Slow Coach. I do regret that Garthie and myself did not record more songs as we planned but in life shit happens.

  12. *The* Andy? Roydale Anderson? Big Respect Sir! I heard many of your productions back in the day. Over the years much of my collection was sold, taken, etc. but this particular release you made with Garth Dennis... I am very happy to have found and kept. It's one of my all time favorite tunes. Thank you for visiting my site and commenting and for all the good music!

  13. Thanks, Thanks, for the respect Sirapo. It makes me feel good to know that I brought joy in ones life. Nuff Love.

  14. Yes! Big up! You've brought much joy and good vibes to many people including me!
    By the way, is this your web site?
    it seems to be down now?
    Hope to see it up again in the near future.


  15. my web site is
    You can check out our new Music Video "REAL DANCE HALL, it is also on YOUTUBE

  16. thank you for the link - i'll make a new post with this info on my site here!
    the video is pure niceness! makes me want to have a red stripe :-)


  17. its great to see that you don't want to sue the owner of the blog as usual... music definitely belongs to the people!

    thank you for continuing to put out irie tracks throughout my lifetime :)

    1 love from the uk

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  19. Respect Andy!
    Looking forward to the tunes.
    Positive vibes all the time!

    Much Respect!

  20. unbelievably good track, much better than the version on wild suspense although i love that lp too. Wish Garth and Roydale would repress it on 45, would love to support them by picking up a copy and i'm sure others feel the same.