Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Big Youth - Four Sevens

I feel like to continue the roots right now - so check this!
Serious culture right here from Big Youth - if you don't know the title, I think you will know once it starts. To really feel this one, I need you to please just turn up your BASS.
Yeah.. Then you will a go feel it! Especially in the dubwise.
Peace and Respect to all Roots and Culture out there struggling with me everyday down here in babylon!
This one is for you to enjoy!


  1. I have been wanting to comment since I saw your address on Jamboree. Big Youth doing Diamonds seem so appropriate, since those are my two most favorite artist(along with Gregory). I have Big Youth 45rpm doing same rhythm but to song called "Sugar Sugar" with the version Called "Honey Honey". Will put link in this Comment if you ask. So Happy for your Blog. 45 versions are the best, and if I don't hear both sides of a single, I feel that I could really be missing something great. I wish other bloggers would Post A&B sides of singles. Keep up Jah's good Work, and Thank You

  2. Big Up Daddy Dub!

    Thank you for the comment. Yes, I too like to hear him sing this tune. You know... there's also a version by Sugar Minnott? It's very nice too. I would like to your 45 as well - thank you.

    Glad you like the posting of 45 singles. I used to have a massive collection but that was many years ago and things happen... and not much is left. So I post what I can that I think people may enjoy. Sites like You & Me on a Jamboree have already posted most of the LPs I have so I try to pick ones that aren't already online.


  3. I'll put link on this post's Comments. might take till weekend to get to. Talk to you soon and keep up the posts

    Thanks & Praises

  4. woooooooooooooooweee...
    excellet DJ style...bbrrrrrrr...
    thank you sirapo....

  5. my friend rastaman!

    hope all is good with you!


  6. Here's Big Youth to groove on. I'm not good at the uploading thing.
    Can't Take What Happen On a West sideA
    Flood Victim sideB
    Sugar - Sugar sideA
    Honey - Honey sideB

    Can't Take What Happen On a West photo
    Flood Victim photo
    Honey Honey photo
    Big Youth 45 back sleeve photo
    Big Youth 45 front sleeve photo
    Surgar - Sugar photo

  7. nice job bro even though you've been MIA for a while.

  8. Daddy Dub!

    Thank you for the music and pictures.
    I really like "Can't Take What Happen On A West" - never heard this one before.

  9. Glad you guys enjoyed material. If you do not mind the way I set up links, then let me know if putting them in comments is OK and I could upload some of my other ripped 45's & let them float around the WEB.

  10. Greetings Daddy Dub!

    Yes - thank you for any 45s you would like to share. As you like: post links here or let me know and I will link to your blog.


  11. Nuff respect for this, sirapo.

    Been looking for this for a long long time, since cassette taping the dub version off the Joey Jay's roots show on Kiss FM here in the UK. Yes the bass was off the hook.

  12. Greeting Sao Paulo!

    Deep bass for real! Glad you enjoyed it.